Chitosan (pronounced Kite-O-San) is otherwise know as the “fat magnet”. Research shows that it is a fat inhibitor that seems to work miracles for those in search of a safe way to lose that body fat.

Chitosan is actually a substance taken from chitin, a polysaccharide that’s found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans. It is processed out by removing the shells from shellfish like shrimp, lobster, and crabs.

The human use of chitosan can be traced back to 1811 when chitin, the source from which it is derived, was first discovered by Braconnot, a professor of natural history in France. According to historians, while Braconnot conducted research on mushrooms, he isolated what was later to be called chitin.

Some 20 years later, an article on insects was published, which noted that a similar substance was present in the structure of insects and plants. The author called this substance “chitin.” Basically, the name chitin came from the Greek word meaning “tunic” or “envelope”. In 1843, Lassaigne showed the presence of nitrogen in chitin.

After the discovery of chitin came chitosan. It was first observed by Rouget during his experiments on chitin. Rouget observed that the compound of chitin could be manipulated through chemical and temperature treatments and become soluble. In 1878, Ledderhose showed chitin to be made of glucosamine and acetic acid. It was not actually until 1894 that Hoppe-Seyler named this supstance “chitosan.”

By the early 20th century, a great deal of research had been performed on the subject of chitosan. It involved the sources of chitin, specifically crab shells and fungi. It was the work of Rammelberg in the 1930s that led to confirming chitosan in these sources. Experts determined (by hydrolyzing chitin) that chitin is a polysaccharide of glucosamine.

The 1950s arrived, and x-ray analysis advanced the study of chitosan in fungi. Only recently has technology proved reliable in identifying the presence of chitin and cellulose in cell walls. The first book on chitosan was published (in 1951) 140 years after Braconnot made his initial observations.

In the early 1960s, chitosan was studied for its ability to bind with the red blood cells. The substance was considered a hemostatic agent. For three decades now, chitosan has been used at water purification plants for detoxifying water. It gets spread over the surface of the water, where it absorbs grease, oils, and other potential toxins.

Today, it is famous as a dietary supplement that is good for weight loss. In Japan and Europe it has been marketed for weight loss for about 20 years. Many people call it the “fat blocker”. It is this recent use for chitosan that brought the otherwise mundane substance to public attention.

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One of the significant uses of the mustard seed is for pickling seasoning for various types of vegetables and non-vegetarian material like meat. The flavors of garlic, aprika, turmeric, and salt are included to the paste of the mustard for taste and color. The variety of mustard seed that is dry in type is used in various recipes of egg and cheese. In addition, it is used largely in covering of salads and meat dressing. Various fast food western recipes from French, German cuisines also served and cooked by using the mustard seed.

As far as the derivation of mustard seed is concerned, normally two types of mustard varieties are seen in the mustard seed. These two varieties are Brassica hirta and Brassica juncea. The first variety like Brassica hirta is mainly generates the white and yellow types of mustard seed. While the variety likes Brassica juncea is the main producer of mustard seeds like brown and oriental. All such mustard seeds reveal the prickly type of taste.

As far as the origin of Most Mustard Seed is concerned, the main origin of the mustard seed is Canada and from Canada it is brought in America. The mustard seed like Brassica juncea are incorporated with its ingredients, which are non-volatile in nature. Therefore, these non-volatile ingredients are mainly responsible for the prickly taste with less amount of spiciness. In addition, the mustard seed like Brassica juncea acquires a hot-blooded oil. Therefore, this kind of oil gives warm, spicy and stinging essence to the mustard seed. There are several historical myths about the derivation of the mustard seed. This seeds are treated as one of the most prehistoric zing. The medical features of such mustard seed for various diseases are in existence before the birth of Christ. It is assumed that this existence is five centuries earlier than the Christian era. In addition, it is supposed that this mustard seed has existence in countries like China and Africa long before the Christian era.

In 1720, the modern period of the mustard seed started. From this period, the mustard seed is used in the cooking and preparing process of mustards. These mustard seed is largely consumed by the people of America.

As far as the raw material of mustard seeds are concerned, the brown mustard seed named Brassica juncea and white mustard named as Sinapis Alba is largely utilized to formulate mustard. For cultivating the mustard, firstly the mustard seed is implanted in the month of March or April. In the month of June, we see the flowers to the plants. Finally the in the month of September, the harvesting of the mustard takes place. It is significantly convenient to yield before the complete growing of the pods because that will cause tearing and dropping the seeds out. In the jar having size of 226.8 g, the mustard approximately have need of 1,000 seeds. Most of the mustard seeds are largely cultivated in the regions like Canada, Montana and North region of Dakota. Approximately, these regions cover the cultivation of 80 to 85 percentages of the completely mustard seed.

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Some people might call Harland Sanders a late bloomer, but by the time he put Kentucky Fried Chicken on America’s tables he had already had at least a dozen careers.

Born in 1890, Sanders learned to cook at age seven after his father died and his mother was forced to go to work. At age ten, young Harland got his first real job, on a nearby farm, and by fifteen he was working as a streetcar conductor. At sixteen, he joined the Army and ended up serving in Cuba.

In the following decades, Sanders worked as a railroad fireman, became a lawyer and practiced law, operated a steamboat on the Ohio River, sold insurance, and, in 1930, finally settled down to run a service station in Corbin, Kentucky. Just running a service station was, of course, not enough for the energetic Sanders, and soon he was putting his cooking skills to use again, providing meals for travelers, first in his own dining room and eventually in a restaurant across the road. Over the next few years he concentrated on perfecting his special recipe for fried chicken, devising the “eleven herbs and spices” of the “secret recipe” still zealously guarded by KFC. Sanders’s chicken became so popular that in 1935 he was made a Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his contribution to the state’s cuisine.

In 1950, however, a new highway bypassing the town of Corbin effectively put Sanders out of business, and his sole income became his $105 per month Social Security checks. Undaunted, two years later, at age sixty-two, Sanders hit the road with a plan to franchise his fried chicken, for a nickel for each chicken sold, to restaurants across the United States. Amazingly, the plan worked, and by 1964 the Colonel’s chicken was being sold in more than six hundred restaurants. At age seventy-four, Sanders sold his business for $2 million and became the official spokesman for Kentucky Fried Chicken. By 1974, he was ranked as the second-most recognized celebrity in the world. Colonel Sanders died in 1980 at the age of ninety from leukemia, but his smiling image still graces KFC’s packaging.

The decision to change the name of the restaurant chain from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC in 1991 spawned a range of bizarre rumors and urban legends, including speculation that KFC was raising vast herds of mutant Frankenchickens in secret and that the USDA had forbidden KFC to use the word chicken in reference to the creatures. The truth was simply that the corporation was planning to begin offering non-chicken menu items, and also thought it wise to downplay the word fried in an increasingly health-conscious marketplace.

Still today, the “finger lickin’ good” moniker for KFC stands as one of the most well known phrases.

Adipex 37.5 mg –  is an anti-obesity agent that is provided temporarily, those who have some pounds to get rid of. This medication is in the amphetamine class of pills, that might explain why it is strongly recommended that it just takes a short period. A good start for you if you need to get rid of a lot of weight is the Adipex 37.5 mg or Adipex, Adipex 37.5 mg credits. It is suggested for utilize to those individuals out there who extremely need to lose weight and with a stable situation. Excess body weight will normally draw in some illness or will shorten your own lifespan so if you use Adipex 37.5 mg, you’ll absolutely have an excellent health condition.   Generic Adipex 37.5 mg as well as the branded one have similar negative effects. Several of those are vomiting, constipation, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth and dizziness. Furthermore, there are a few serious negative effects that this medicine can bring just like a typical hallucinations, anger, nervousness, changes in sexual drive, muscle spasms, rapid heartbeat, mood swings, and convulsions also. It is significant to stop using this medication if the body suffers from loss of body part use, blurred vision, slurred speech and seizures. The medical doctor needs to know the experienced negative effects straight away to learn if the medication really matches the patient. More often than not, this medicine will only give minimal side effects so people who take this are certainly safe. People make use of to have this fear that generic Adipex 37.5 mg (source here) won’t provide the full effects they require not like Adipex 37.5 mg  and Adipex. Adipex AA was  released by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This signifies that the generic Adipex 37.5 mg (Source) is similar in power and usefulness of the brand name. The only difference may be costs and colorants utilized in generic medications. Using generic Adipex 37.5 mg, it is necessary to learn if they are hypersensitive or should they have allergies to the drug. In this scenario, even though you are making use of the generic Adipex 37.5 mg, you’ll still experience the same effects given that there are no elements that can cause allergies. You need to have a complete knowledge concerning the medication suggested to you by your medical doctor like Adipex 37.5 mg or as others name it, Adipex 37.5 mg-P before you start taking it. Your medical professional need to answer all your medical inquiries, however you might want to see what exactly other people need to say after they have used the drug. Adipex 37.5 mg is also like other medications, you can experience side effects upon using it however it is incontrovertible that finding out the most common ones is very hard. There are useful Adipex 37.5 mg reviews that you can rely on when it comes to preventing unwanted effects if there are situations that you’ll be suffering any. You can find Adipex 37.5 mg reviews from both young adults and adults alike. It is ideal for you to consider every single review listing result so you will get more information. Many of the reports given by the users of this pill show favorable effects such as proper mindset to losing weight, increase in energy levels and the ability to stay full. Nevertheless, Adipex 37.5 mg could make you gain more weight like some other weight reduction medicines and supplements. This is why many highly urge a lifestyle and eating change that can carry through after the diet tablet is stopped. Recovering lost weight will surely be experienced by people who stay with their old routines.

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Have you been chatting so much from different PCs? Fed up with losing your conversation history every time you switch computers? Access your chat history for just about any instant messenger, from any PC, all over the world with a free service!

If you ever interrupt an essential conversation or a friendly chat and want to get caught up later, you can now get access to what was previously said, making it simple to restart a conversation from where it stopped. You have access to it because of the built-in conversation history options that come with your preferred instant messenger, for example ICQ or MSN Messenger. Your conversations are stored on the hard disk of your computer for your future reference.

But what if you are away from your home computer? Or, let’s say you chat on several different PCs? In that case, you would have areas of your conversation history stored on different computers, which causes all kinds of problems from simple inconvenience to invasion of your privacy and security leaks. Making use of your work computer for chatting, when allowed by employers, is particularly prone to this problem. The worst part is that you cannot even synchronize those PCs to possess one solid conversation history because this operation isn’t one of many most instant messengers!

Keep the conversation history always accessible and save your valuable chat history online with a brand new service! IM-HISTORY stores your messages on secure dedicated servers, and offers easy online use of your chat history from all over the world.

IM-HISTORY ( supports all popular instant messengers, including ICQ, MSN Messenger, Miranda IM, QIP, Skype, Trillian, and Yahoo! Messenger. IM-HISTORY client is simple to set up and configure. It detects supported instant messengers automatically, while offering you an choice to upload your existing contacts and conversations online. Install IM-HISTORY on all PCs you use for chatting, and consolidate all contacts and scattered conversation parts into a single, solid online archive that’s easily accessible from any computer. IM-HISTORY stores your sensitive data securely, and provides real-time, 24/7 online use of your data.

Are you using more than one account, as well as a number of different instant messengers? IM-HISTORY has an option to consolidate all of your accounts from all supported instant messengers into a single, easy to access online archive.

IM-HISTORY is here now to remain. Within the nearest future, it’ll support much more instant messengers, including AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), GTalk, IChat, Kopete, Pidgin (Gaim), and other popular products. Soon you can access your message history from mobile platforms too – imagine making use of your cell phone for chatting, and seeing what you said when chatting on a PC!

IM-HISTORY does the very first time what many happen to be dreaming of. With no real alternatives, there’s just no doubt that any serious IM user would want to have IM-HISTORY on the PC. IM-HISTORY is absolutely free, so download your copy now from and have greater chatting convenience wherever you go!

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Europe is one of the places in world that provides travellers unlimited choice. If you are seeking warm weather to snowy mountains there’s plenty to choose from. But a specific location that is often overlooked during the autumn and winter months is Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is often associated with stag nights, which is only one of the many layers of the capital. Because of this many families or those not looking for a place that will expose themselves to this environment will most likely never consider this a an idea location.

But, by looking in a little more detail its very easy to discover the true gem that this place is. With an identifiable and unique cultural heritage and history. There is a lot to discover, along its network of canals and amongst many of its world leading museums.

But why are the autumn and winter months such a great time to visit the capital?, let’s view just a handful of the main events and attractions worth visiting for.

The hermitage Amsterdam museum is temporarily displaying the Van Gogh Museum. The works cover the 1853 to 1890 period. The museum will be displaying 75 paintings, selected letters, objects and works on paper. Because the display is only temporary, it will only be available until the 25th of April 2013.

Another reason, is because of The Wereldkerstcircus, otherwise known as the Christmas Circus. Located within The Royal Carre Theatre, which was originally built for a circus. This year is the 125th anniversary, featuring acrobats from Russia, North Korea and China. With many different acts from around the world and not forgetting an appearance from star clown David Larible.

Outdoor activities are also surprisingly well loved throughout the capital, not just the museums. When it gets cold enough, three of the mains squares open up for ice skating. Which provide a great experience within a great setting.

When the weather becomes too much to handle, retail therapy can do wonders. Amsterdam caters for a large range of well known brands stores. With many different unique fashion ateliers. Something that not many other countries can offer.

Also, there are two main department stores worth checking during the visit. These are the De Bijenkorf and Maison de Bonneterie. Both have a long history and interesting stores within.

Don’t forget visiting European countries during the winter months provides a completely different feel to visiting during the summer months. Getting great pictures when the sun sets and rises can be not only spectacular but also romantic. Especially if it is snowing. This is why Amsterdam is perfect, because of the coffee shop culture that exists. During the Autumn the parks completely change colour and provide a wonderful and romantic environment to spend time in.

Remember to take considerable care when booking a hotel in Amsterdam. Check the activities planned during the visit and ensure everything is within walking distance, and in a preferred location.

Anyone that has a fascination with historical events knows that you always look at the important events, groups, and ideas from the past to help shape the world’s future. History is so broad of a subject and it is very major part of how cultures and societies evolve in the world. If you look at the history of any people group in continents like South America, Asia, and Africa, you will see that there were certain events in history that help influence how they are today. By knowing a bit about what has happened in the world, can help you understand why things are the way they are. Studying world history can also help you to understand what can possibly happen in the future. For these reasons, it doesn’t hurt to know too much history.

A huge advantage that comes from researching past occurrences is that it’ll assist a person with becoming a well rounded person, no matter what part of the world he or she lives in. No matter if an individual is a pupil in a class, or a U.S. Congressman, comprehending the past may assist him or her in making a more intelligent evaluation regarding circumstances where great choice making skills are necessary. To a few of us, this may be puzzling. Yet, the intelligence you’ll receive from learning about the past will assist you in getting your opinions and ideas across with greater clarity. If an individual doesn’t understand an adequate amount of world history, that individual may experience a lot of negative consequences when it comes to accomplishing much on this earth. In addition, a person might be requested to help other people learn about history and might need a little bit of information from prior world events in order to provide training to other individuals in a certain industry. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter why you learn about the past, in the end, it will forever be an advantage to you.

What is pattern recognition, really, other than the awareness of basic concepts such as cause and effect, the importance of strategic relationships between individuals, and how the influence of relatively few individuals has a tremendous influence on outcomes. When we are alert to the possibilities of a historical moment, and choose to act upon them, we can change the world. For example, let us imagine that a country grows notorious for its leaders’ oppression of its citizens’ thoughts and actions. This can lead to uprisings within that country, or perhaps the intervention of outside forces, should the internal conflicts lead to a breakdown in law and order, to the point where it restricts external access to the country’s resources.

Another reason why history is important to learn is that you can understand how it feels to be in someone else’s shoes. Sadly, humans are generally selfish and we often observe the world around us through our own isolated bubble. We are only affected by what we experience around us. But, when you study history, you are able to identify with the pains, struggles, and joys of another people group. You are able to understand what it means to go without food for days, or be in continual war for decades. Just like reading a book, history is a bigger book filled with hundreds of real life stories. After reading the book, you have the choice whether you want to be affected by it, take action, or remain passive.

All of us should know that in the same manner our childhoods have shaped the way we live today, history has shaped what the world is today. Learning history will help you to clearly see why things are the way they are right now. For example, the victories of the American Revolutionary War are what fuel the national pride that many Americans have for their own country. If you look towards nations in Africa, you can historically see why they are not as economically developed and strong as other nations around the globe. You will understand the pros and cons behind colonialism and why it worked for certain parts of the world and failed in other parts. The idea of globalization has affected everyone to some degree, but history will teach us that there were always groups that were suppressed and taken advantage of for the purpose greater control and power by another group. History will also teach us why certain ethnic groups will always have conflict with each other until some peace agreement is met. Most countries that make the world today have drastically changed since its national origins. The reason for change is evident and it helps us to understand our current place in the world today.

By learning our past and our present, we can be better prepared for our future. Everyone knows that there is nothing new under the sun and most history generally repeats itself. By observing what has happened, we can understand what we need to avoid in our future and what we need to fix now to make it better. The reason why we live in a strong country is because we are standing on the shoulders of strong leaders from our past. Our history is so important because each of us are a part of the history that is taking place now. We may not understand all of the details of what’s happening around us now, but each of us will contribute to how the world will be shaped for generations to come. Remember, history does not stop at the textbooks, it merely continues until the end of time. Each one of us is a living textbook of what is to come.

The Beginning: Tales Of Our Beginnings and Creation

From earliest times, every known culture has spun stories of their cultural roots and of their gods. That has been true of the Jews too. Their stories are found throughout the beginning of the Torah (aka -Old Testament-). Throughout the generations, these tales have incited much bickering, which continues to this day

A Challenging Situation

As it pertains to the way to approach the Bible, women especially have determined the situation to be difficult, and/or challenging at best. The extremes seem to rule the day – either Holy Scripture is to be interpreted as the exact word of God, or it is not read at all. It-s essential that we find a middle ground, a means which allows us to take from the Bible the important messages of love and forgiveness, but leaves out the blame and fear which has been mistakenly woven into it. We must step back and acquaint ourselves with these sacred works with a far more thoughtful as well as neutral perspective.

Myths are considered sacred and the lessons discovered in them still continue to speak to us. The expert on myths, Joseph Campbell, has shown us that myths are a way to show deep truths as metaphors, making them easier to understand. Presented this way, myths make spiritual what has been literal. Myths are stories of the search by men and women through the ages to find meaning and significance; seeking to touch the eternal, and to understand the mysterious; to understand who we really are. They function in four different ways. The expert on myths, Joseph Campbell, felt that myths are sacred and filled 4 core needs in our societies: Metaphysical, Cosmological, Sociological and Psychological.

Campbell stressed that words cannot completely encompass the mysteries of life. Myths are “The only way to get a complete comprehension of a culture is to become part of the mythic rituals of it, some of which can be found inside the Bible. Myths also provide answers to questions not as yet understood by the society in that stage of development. Mythology confirmed the existing social order and enforced it by weaving it into the stories themselves, often describing how the order was revealed to them through divine intervention, as seen throughout the stories within the Bible.

Finally, myths are used to help people in getting through the significant stages of life. For example, most ancient cultures used rites of passage when a youth passed on to the adult stage. Later on, a living mythology taught the same individual to get rid of material possessions or earthly plans as the individual prepared to die. Myths, when used as planned, will be able to help people to accept each stage of our lives and move forward with greater ease.

The author, Cullen Murphy, describes 4 distinct changes within our culture, based on the Holy Scripture, together with the 5th one now developing. The first dramatic change came as a result of the Book of Moses, which introduced the idea of there being merely a single God. These concepts from the Israelites being known as people of ‘The Book’ and that they believed in just one God, quickly drew a distinction between them and their neighbors.

The 2nd revolution erupted within Judaism and gave birth to Christianity and the new body of writings termed The New Testament. It has been 1500 years, but today we are seeing the change in stressing the importance of Scripture as well as the ability for all people to have the opportunity to read the words of the bible in their own language instead of having it read to them by a priest. The fourth dramatic change unfolded as the advances of science and reason challenge the accuracy of the words and tales of the Bible. In modern times, we are in the middle of the fifth revolution. Women are becoming integral parts of the academic circles and have been developing new insights based on the feminine perspective. And the results? During 1993, Murphy (a Roman Catholic male), authored an article for -The Atlantic Monthly-, which now seems prophetic: -I write these final words on the day of my daughter’s 1st communion in a denomination that still restricts the role of women, and I write them with the expectation that with regard to the position of women, matters will not remain – will simply not be able to remain – as in some places we see them now; in the expectation, to employ a biblical turn, that the present way’s days are numbered.- Murphy makes additional reference about the Book of Daniel, which can be read as being a prophecy for women, relating towards the bible. -On a host of matters involving women and the Bible, the writing on the wall is there to be read. And more and more of it shows itself with each passing day.-

This is a small part of one lesson on Mystical Christianity, by Mother Maryesah Karelon, offered through the http://www.ulcseminary.org

Shelter has been a primary requirement of human life all through history. From finding naturally built shelters to creating his own housing, man has come a long way in the quest to find the ultimate shelter and housing experience. There have been several drastic changes in housing trends, and the most recent one is the use of steel buildings. Here is a short history of evolution of Steel buildings over time.

Metal has always been known for its strength, durability and ease of molding. Steel provided the best housing solution, but remained uneconomical to be used on a large scale. The first steel building construction came up in 1700s when the British experimented with this type of building structures mainly for the fireproof property of steel.

By 1800s, steel became increasingly common for portable housing that was especially useful for the worker class, the gold rush workers and pioneers and all mobile workers in the era of industrial steel buildings revolution.

The late 1800s and early 1900s saw the real use of steel as the main structural component of buildings. This happened with the beginning of skyscraper era before the War. This was the first time steel was used in such a high standing structure. In fact the success of skyscrapers was based on finding a material as desirable as steel.

After the World War II, steel was increasingly being used to create residential steel buildings for the millions left homeless by the war. Steel was able to provide shelter to millions of people because steel houses are simple to make and are inexpensive, so people could afford them.

Today, the next revolution in steel manufacturing and housing was in the use of prefab steel buildings. These are able to provide the best housing and building solutions for a variety of needs. They are inexpensive and customizable, which is a far cry from their counterparts a couple of decades ago.

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Gloster Gladiator series 1 1/72 scale model

History of the scale model kit

The Gladiator should have been one of historys footnotes but it actually acquitted itself rather well and it was three of this type that helped save the island of Malta in 1940/41. It entered service in the RAF and the fleet air arm in 1937 and was unusual in being a biplane fighter model with a glass cockpit in the manner of a Spitfire or Hurricane, the aircraft was sold to a number of pre-war air forces and actually made its combat debut in China flown largely by Chinese American volunteers against Japan with some success. The Gladiator next appeared flying in the Finnish air force against an aggressive Soviet Union in the Winter war of 1940- some aircraft actually flown by Swedish pilots- their only real military involvement in the ww2 period. Gaining 45 victories over Soviet aircraft overall- it was relegated to a reconnaissance role later in the continuation war when it was totally outclassed by the latest Soviet models. (NB. for the computer gamers out there, you can fly the Gladiator for Finland in the pc game, “Sturmovik- forgotten battles of world war 2”. It is hard work too- the machine guns in the game are like pea shooters!) The Norwegian air force used Gladiators during the German invasion and scored a few successes before being overwhelmed. The British fleet air arm also used the air craft 3in this campaign shooting down 26 German aircraft of various types, Similarly in the invasion of Belgium the Gladiator was flown by the Belgian air force and the RAF without any great success. The other main use of the Gladiator was in the North African campaign where the South African air ace Marmaduke Pattie got 15 kills in the aircraft against the Italian Regia Aeronautica (airforce). The planes also appeared in some of the “sideshow” campaigns of the war like Iraq and Syria.

The Airfix model itself

The most famous battle the planes fought was in Malta where just 3 Gladiators were the entire defense of the Island for ten days (actually they were more than three planes and were made up of working parts from different aircraft!). Either way they were named “Faith, Hope and Charity” and certainly had a huge morale boosting effect on the heroic population of that beleaguered island. On the Airfix model kit you get standard RAF decals but I would have liked Finnish decals to make the Winter War Lysander which has a Finnish air force Decal set ( you would have to make the Lysander with the other set of decals provided -free French I think), The model is rated as skill level 2 by Airfix which means it can be tricky probably due to it being a biplane and having a rigging diagram, Remember to let the struts set solid before affixing the upper wing, Also let the under carriage set for about an hour before resting the plane on it. Then let it set and enjoy painting it. Perhaps you could do it in white for the Finnish version- youd have to obtain Finnish decals from another kit though

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